Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition:

Dr. Gareau, a former member of the Canadian Mogul Freestyle Ski Team assisted in the development of the Vancouver Freestyle Ski Team, coaching provincial level athletes as well as beginner leagues for young mogul skiers in the lower mainland.

Her competitive experience and passion for the outdoors has allowed her to understand the importance of injury prevention, proper nutrition and optimal health in order to perform “your” best.

Dr. Gareau specializes in sports nutrition and offers a range of testing and assessments to uncover the best solution to achieve optimal health and increase stamina and endurance.

Her tailored approach includes a specialized detox/restore program and personalized diet and supplement support plan.

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The assessments used to build the personalized program include:

SpectraCell’s Micronutrient & CardioMetabolic Testing
  •  Testing to understand the intracellular nutritional status – 34 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants are evaluated. These tests also uncover heart rate, oxygen uptake, carbon-dioxide expired and volume of expired air.


Food Allergy Testing
  • To help enhance sports performance by understanding the foods that could be generating inflammation resulting in muscle soreness and slower recovery time, and foods that could be preventing nutrients from being fully absorbed.
Genetic Testing
  • To help patients lose fat, become lean, build muscle and become fitter.